Marijuana Myths

“What’s the big deal anyway…it’s legal.”

Marijuana Myths

Possession of marijuana is illegal in Canada. By law, anyone caught with marijuana can be fined up to $1000 and/or serve 6 months in jail. 

Marijuana Laws

“What can I do…kids will do whatever their friends do.”

Marijuana Myths

You can greatly influence your child’s views and the decisions they make. Youth need and want their parents to be involved, although they may not show it. Stay involved, educate yourself, talk to them, and be a good role model.

Talking To Kids

“Hey I smoke pot…so what’s the big deal if my kid chooses to?”

Marijuana Myths

The developing teenage brain is more vulnerable than the adult brain. Marijuana use during this time can cause brain changes that cannot be undone. It has been linked with higher risk for depression and anxiety, as well as problems with memory and attention span. This could impact achievement in school and at work.

The Teen Brain

"Sure I smoke…but it’s not like I can’t handle it."

Marijuana Myths

Harms from any drug use can be physical, emotional, mental, social or economic. People who use marijuana can be at different points on a continuum of risk. 

Know the signs.

“It’s not addictive...I can stop anytime.”

Marijuana Myths

Using marijuana can lead to physical and mental dependency

Is Marijuana Addictive?

“It’s not like drinking…I’m not impaired.”

Marijuana Myths

Marijuana affects many brain functions needed to safely drive a car, including reaction time. Studies show that people who drive after using marijuana are more likely to be involved in collisions.

Smoking & Driving

"Most kids in high school try marijuana."

“Most kids in high school try marijuana.”

Marijuana Myths

While true that marijuana is the number one illegal drug used by youth, almost three quarters of kids in grade 7-12 report that they have never tried it. In fact, marijuana use among these grades has declined by an estimated 5% since 1999.

Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey

“It is a natural plant…so it can’t be that bad.”

Marijuana Myths

Marijuana smoke is similar to tobacco smoke.  It contains more than 400 chemicals, and many of them are carcinogenic (cancer-causing).  

Read More About Health Risks

“The stuff is all the same…weed is weed.”

Marijuana Myths

THC is the main chemical that makes marijuana “stronger” or “weaker.” The amount of THC in marijuana can change depending on the plant type, weather, soil and time of harvest. It’s unlikely that users know the strength of their marijuana, which can be risky.

More About THC