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If you choose to use Marijuana -

Although the purpose of this website is to dispel some common myths about marijuana we also believe there is value in talking about harm reduction for people who are already using marijuana.

What is harm reduction? It is a public health approach meant to lessen the harms related to drug use in an effort to keep a person safer. Harms from drug use can be physical, emotional, mental, social or economic.

People who use marijuana can be at different points on a continuum of risk. Use the Continuum of Drug and Alcohol Use diagram to assess where you (or someone you know) is on the continuum. Check out the list of do’s and don’ts below to help you lessen your risk for harm. If you or someone you know is experiencing problem use or dependency, there is help available. Visit the “Getting Help” page to learn more.

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  • The Continuum of Drug and Alcohol Use shows that people who use marijuana may be at different points on a continuum of risk. Some teens will experiment with marijuana and then stop using it, while others may continue to use it occasionally, without serious problems. Some teens may start to use it regularly and develop a dependency. The risks associated with marijuana use, including the risk for physical and mental dependence, increase with more regular use

Using Marijuana has risks. The safest choice is not to use it. But if you decide to use it, here are some ways to lessen the harms related to it:

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The risks of marijuana use are greater for some people. These people should avoid cannabis entirely:

  • Pregnant women;
  • Middle-aged or older men with cardiovascular problems;
  • People with a history of psychosis, or a first-degree relative with a history of psychosis.

Peer Outreach Support Services & Education (POSSE) is a FREE service providing training, street level outreach, information and support to encourage safer decision making in reducing the risks associated with drug use, sex, homelessness, violence and discrimination. POSSE is a harm reduction and human rights project, run by youth for youth between the ages of 15-24, living in Halton.

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Harm Reduction
Harm Reduction
Harm Reduction

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